Tune in, Turn on, Transmute!

To change in form, nature, or substance into a higher form.

“Rise Of The Robots” is an underground event series aimed at being a grassroots social movement to raise awareness about the interconnectivity of everything on our planet through multi-media art and electronic music. It’s a call to action to be the change we seek. Our goal is to connect people in a like minded community and provide a forum for self expression.

“Rise Of The Robots” symbolizes the initiative to wake up from our pre-programed routines by reprogramming our mind and breaking free from our social bonds of needing acceptance. We are all one! The world shaking, ground breaking agents of change. A maelstrom of energy destined to change the status quo. We are the young, the mighty, the seekers of truth in a world full of ambiguity.

Join us! Connect and interact with a global community of people wanting to share in something positive and uplifting. The message is universal.

#riseoftherobots #ROTR


Yes, André Winter is one of those people, who with their first breath of air, realize that their heart beats techno. Errr or no? You tell me! André became interested in electronic music quite early. One of his first releases on Injection Records in the early 90s (under the Motion Unit monicker together with Mathias Hatting), was actually a real acid treasure. Afterwards he kept on spending all his pocket money on the typical Roland hardware at the time and to release on labels such as Confused Recordings, Superstition, Kompakt and Bush Records. His studio offers a real time travel adventure through techno’s history.

André has come a long way since the 90s. Having released under various aliases, i.e. Motion Unit, Freakazoid, D-Saw…, he also produced great artists such as Xenia Beliayeva, Humate and Oliver Huntemann, also Dubfire and Huntemann and finally, having worked on remixes of world-renowned artists such as the Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Anthony Rother, ect. He decided that there is even more he has to offer to the public. This time – solo!

In the end of 2008 he released his first solo release Trauma on Ideal Audio. The reviews came in and the EP was summarized as being “a charming hit with lashing synths, simply massive” (De:Bug 2008). Soon after, André had to take a ‘break’ from his own productions and concentrate on Oliver Huntemann’s forth studio album “Paranoid”. The result was a wonderful longplayer, which has been charted by DJs around the world. Whatever he touches, he turns to gold – so musically adept is Mr. Winter. He says: “I am always searching for opportunities which allow me to influence sounds in new ways and to simply take different routes in electronic music. My personal goal is to produce timeless music, which people will be enjoying in the years to come”.