Tune in, Turn on, Transmute!

To change in form, nature, or substance into a higher form.

“Rise Of The Robots” is an underground event series aimed at being a grassroots social movement to raise awareness about the interconnectivity of everything on our planet through multi-media art and electronic music. It’s a call to action to be the change we seek. Our goal is to connect people in a like minded community and provide a forum for self expression.

“Rise Of The Robots” symbolizes the initiative to wake up from our pre-programed routines by reprogramming our mind and breaking free from our social bonds of needing acceptance. We are all one! The world shaking, ground breaking agents of change. A maelstrom of energy destined to change the status quo. We are the young, the mighty, the seekers of truth in a world full of ambiguity.

Join us! Connect and interact with a global community of people wanting to share in something positive and uplifting. The message is universal.

#riseoftherobots #ROTR

ROTR presents:


Metha is one of the most respected underground DJ’s and producers in Budapest. Playing for over 15, organizing his own events as well as touring in Germany, Switzerland, Moscow, England, Slovakia, France and Ibiza.

The head of Be Massive Metha has worked with such artists as: Stephan Bodzin, Oliver Huntemann, Dubfire, Carlo Lio, Deep Dish, James Zabiella, Popof, Extrawelt, Justice, U.N.K.L.E., Sam Paganini, Kollektive Turmstrasse, Format B, Pig & Dan, Hybrid, Foreign Beggars, Elite Force, Meat Katie, Krafty Kuts, Mike Hulme, Evil Nine, Hedflux and many more….